About our company

Upholstery Felt Co Ltd, a family run company, has been in business since 1952. We have been garneting cotton and polyester rolls for the furniture wholesalers, distributors, furniture manufacturers and upholstery shops since that time. We do cotton batts, to size, for the mattress manufacturers and futon manufacturers. More recently we have established a polyester filled back and toss cushion program for the furniture industry as well. We have been supplying a wide variety of manufacturers with our products in the northwest for many years. 

Our Products

  • Our highest quality of Cotton:
  • * Organic Cotton - rolls or batts

    * A Regular Cotton Felt Padding (35% Polyester / 65% Cotton) that provides a loftier, more resilient product

    * B Regualr Cotton Felt Padding (100% Cotton blend)

    * Mattress and Futon Batts

  • Our highest quality of Polyester:
  • * Dupont Dacron - garneted and rolled to size

    * Fortel -- garneted and rolled to size

    * Conugated Hollow Polyester -- in bag form

    * Cluster Fiber -- in bag form

  • Products used in the furniture industry for wrapping cushions and backs:
  • * Bonded Fortel

    * Sewn Dacron -- made to size

    * Sewn Fortel -- made to size

  • Custom Insert Polyester Cushions:
  • * Non woven casings with virgin conjugated polyester fill -- made to customers specifications

    * Fill customer supplied cushion forms

  • Custom multi-needle Quilting:
  • * Mattress quilting, elevator pads, tent insulation, nylon lining for clothing etc.

    * Quilted Decking

    * Furniture Pads

  • Kapok
  • * A fibre used to fill cushions, mattresses and upholstery